Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation is a highly profitable online marketing tactic. High keyword rankings will generate significant organic search traffic. Which importantly, costs nothing.

I have a decade of experience driving organic search performance for multi-million-pound businesses. I’ve worked in senior leadership positions for both SEO agencies and in-house.

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Why SEO Is So Important

Search Engine Optimisation can be the most profitable marketing strategy for any business. With the right SEO strategy, your website can attract thousands of qualified visitors. And the best part, that traffic is free.

My approach to SEO goes far beyond keywords and links. True SEO success comes about by delivering an amazing site experience. Alongside this, you need to help search engines understand and see the value in your website.

SEO Consultancy Services

  • SEO Strategy

    Success in SEO only comes about through adopting an effective strategy. Two frequent mistakes are utilising a poor SEO strategy, or not considering SEO at all. I tailor every strategy to the individual needs of the client.

    I take an agile approach to SEO strategy. This philosophy delivers organic growth for my clients as fast as possible. My SEO strategy has been fine-tuned over many years.

  • SEO Audits

    A deep-dive SEO audit is one of the best investments any business can make. The likelihood is that there are problems on your website you’re not aware of. These problems restrict the performance of your website on search engines. My audits discover these flaws and tell you exactly how to fix them.

    My tried-and-tested SEO audit process drills into every aspect of your website. I don’t use automated tools to generate vague insights that could relate to any site. I analyse at a forensic level and draw on years of experience to discover authentic insight.

    This culminates in a prioritised backlog of impactful SEO recommendations.

    You’ll find it surprising what I find. Be prepared for honesty.

  • International SEO

    International SEO is one of the most complex areas of organic search. Websites tailored for specific regions and languages need advanced technical optimisation. This is before you even think about keywords.

    The core of all international SEO is a system called Hreflang. Hreflang can seem complicated and challenging but is necessary nonetheless. With the correct implementation, Hreflang can do amazing things.

  • Website Migrations

    Any sort of website migration represents a risk for an online business. Whether it’s a platform change or rebrand, your search engine rankings are at risk. Before embarking on a migration project, you must consider SEO.

    My migration process safeguards your rankings and protects your organic search traffic. This tried-and-tested migration strategy transitions your old site into your new site.

  • Technical SEO

    In my experience, technical SEO is the reason most websites underperform on search. Without strong technical foundations, your website can’t support future growth.

    You need to remember that SEO is almost entirely algorithmic. There’s very little (if any) human input on individual search results.