About Lucid SEO

Welcome to Lucid SEO, we provide SEO consultancy services to businesses in the Midlands.

We also blog about a range of online marketing subjects ranging from search engine optimisation and web analytics to user-experience design and speed optimisation.

Why the name Lucid SEO?

You may be wondering why we chose the name ‘Lucid SEO’. Well ‘lucid’ can be defined as “expressed clearly; easy to understand”. I believe clarity and balance are essential ingredients in any search engine optimisation partnership, and those are the core values we practice at Lucid SEO.

Who we are?

Lucid SEO is primarily run by Search Engine Optimisation expert Will King. With 10 years experience working in the world of online marketing, Will has a wealth of SEO experience and knowledge to share with clients.

We’ve worked in some of the most competitive online niches such as the ecommerce gift sector, property search and high-end luxury goods.

What is Lucid SEO?

Lucid SEO is simply an online marketing and optimisation resource. We share tips, tricks and advice on how to improve your web presence based upon the insights we learn on a daily basis.