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Hi, my name is Will King and I’m an SEO specialist based in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire. I help websites of all shapes and sizes achieve their digital ambitions online.

As a seasoned SEO expert, I deliver impactful consultancy on digital strategy. I specialise in Website Migrations and Technical SEO audits.

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About Will

I’ve worked in digital for over a decade. I’ve seen the beautiful parts and also the ugly… and then everything in-between. These days I specialise in search engine optimisation and conversion rate optimisation.

I’m based in a town called Leamington Spa. Located in the heart of Warwickshire, which is ideal for providing consultancy services for businesses across the Midlands.

I help websites of all shapes and sizes.

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Skills & Expertise

  • Technical SEO

    Diagnosing and fixing technical problems that restrict SEO performance
  • CRO

    Helping websites convert greater numbers of visitors through powerful conversion rate optimisation strategy
  • Audits

    My audit process delves deep into your website and identifies opportunities for growth.
  • Migrations

    Planning the strategy and execution of large scale web migrations
  • Analytics

    Everything from Google Analytics to Search Console
  • Ecommerce

    Developing and delivering e-commerce SEO strategies that attract high-volume of qualified visitors
  • Page Speed Optimisation

    Improving page load times through performance analysis and speed optimisation
  • Speaking

    Whether it be speaking at meetups or delivering guest SEO lectures at universities

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